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Watches are accessories that never go out of fashion, that we inherit from generation to generation and that we want to keep like new. However, in order to keep them as the first day, we must dedicate some of our time and dedication to them.

For the good maintenance of your watch we have elaborated a small list of tips and advice thanks to which you will keep your watch in perfect conditions of conservation.


Tips for the good conservation of your watch

Use your watch ocassionally

Unlike other collector’s items, a watch must be in continuous use, as this is the best way to ensure that its lubricants do not solidify and its mechanism does not get out of adjustment.


With the passage of time, some components of the watch may be deteriorated, therefore, like the revisions of your car, it is recommended that you tune up your watch from time to time, either at home or with your trusted watchmaker.


For a correct cleaning of our watch, it is vital to know its characteristics, since each watch is unique and any factor can influence its good conservation.

We must know what type of watch it is, that is to say, its composition, if it is a water resistant watch or not, if it has not been used for a long time, etc.

If it is a high-end, delicate or antique watch and we want to apply a deep cleaning, it is advisable to go to a professional watchmaker, who will clean the piece through ultrasound, polish if necessary the dial and restore all those components that are considered damaged.

At Comerzia Watches we also offer you a maintenance service for collection watches, start-up, overhaul, cleaning or replacement of components. Everything you need to keep your legacy in the best conditions.

Instruction manual

If you’re lucky that your predecessor kept your watch’s original instruction manual, read it. Most people take the operation and features of their watch for granted and don’t give this document the attention it needs. This manual will reveal the type of crown on your watch, whether or not it is screw-down, the type of battery it has in the case of a quartz watch, and whether or not you should try to change the date at times close to midnight.