In COMERZIA WATCHES we have been working since 2015, offering maximum seriousness and confidence to our customers, and we have hundreds of references in social networks, forums, and different platforms for buying and selling. We offer prestigious watches, which are authenticated as original, and pass through the police control.

Each watch is carefully checked by specialists, both aesthetically and the state of the caliber. We improve the condition of the watch (case, crystal, strap or bracelet), and if necessary, the caliber is checked to always deliver the watches in the best possible condition. In general, we offer a 12 months warranty on the caliber.

All our watches go through a deep analysis of each watch we offer and its conditions, and we choose our best price from the beginning. That is why we do not offer additional discounts, the prices we offer are fixed.


Before using a mechanical watch, it is advisable to wind it 15-30 times.


Leave your watch horizontally or vertically with the crown facing up.


Check the accuracy frequently. Large deviation may mean that service is required.


Before changing the date, set the clock close to six o’clock.


Keep the box and papers of your watch, so its price will be higher.


If you have just purchased a watch with COMERZIA Watches, we want you to fully enjoy it. With no worries. We’re not just here for the sale – we’ve got your back even after you buy! If anything comes up, we’re committed to helping you out. Our after-sales service is top-notch because we want to make sure you’re taken care of.

Rest easy and relax, knowing that we’ve got everything covered for you. Every watch we promote undergoes rigorous authentication processes by our team of experts, allowing us to provide a certificate of authenticity. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

All our watches go through meticulous inspections, including both aesthetics and movement functionality, to ensure they meet our quality standards. Although they are preowned watches, we improve them to deliver them to you in the best possible condition. If needed, certified watchmakers service and maintain the watches. This not only ensures exceptional quality for all our watches but also provides you with a guarantee on the movement.

In general, all watches sold by COMERZIA Watches include a warranty service that covers any malfunctions of the caliber. Some key points to consider regarding this service are:

  • The warranty is exclusively offered by COMERZIA Watches at our facilities. Please note that you will be responsible for sending the watch, clearly indicating the issue.
  • Any necessary repairs will be covered by COMERZIA Watches at no cost to you. We will also send the watch back to you via insured express courier, included in the warranty service.
  • The warranty does not cover aesthetic or mechanical aspects unrelated to the watch’s functionality. It also does not cover damages caused by improper use or water damage. Theft or loss are not covered either. The warranty will be void if the watch has been tampered with and/or opened by third parties.
  • If the issue is not covered by the warranty, we will provide you with a repair estimate. If you decline the service, you will be responsible for the return shipping cost.
  • The warranty period is indicated on the warranty card and other provided documents. It is a must to provide the invoice of the watch to been covered by the warranty service. Usually warranty is 12 months for modern watches and 6 months for vintage and quartz watches.
  • Some times watches may still have an active international manufacturer’s warranty that you can benefit from.
  • The warranty is personal and exclusive to the buyer and is not transferable with the sale of the watch to third parties.
  • Any issues with the watch will be under the warranty service and do not qualify for a return or purchase cancellation.

Even if your watch is not covered by the warranty service, we can still assist you with any aspect you need, including mechanical restoration, waterproofing or service to the movement. At COMERZIA Watches we can help you maintain your watch in perfect condition. We offer warranties from 12 to 24 months on the services we provide. Feel free to contact us in this regard.

Your new watch may be eligible for our guaranteed repurchase program. If so, we commit to repurchasing your watch at a pre-agreed price within the specified period. This valuation does not include any damages or additional costs that may have occurred. It can also be affected by changes in market prices. This information appears on the delivery note; you can also ask us about it.