Tune up your watch

A watch, like any machine, can fail and needs repairs and overhauls. Failure to overhaul it on a regular basis can lead to loss of time accuracy, deterioration and consequent economic devaluation of the piece.

With the purpose of giving an added value to our services, in the purchase, sale and exchange of watches, we also offer additional services such as the maintenance and overhaul of collection watches.

We make an initial assessment of the watch and provide a no obligation quote, once accepted, we proceed to perform the necessary work with the tools and machinery required in each case to ensure the best results.

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1. Caliber disassembly and start-up
A watch is designed to work day and night for years, without rest. Yet it needs periodic maintenance as the oils degrade leading to wear and tear of the mechanism. A thorough examination determines what needs to be replaced to assess the extent of deterioration and the depth of the intervention.

In COMERZIA Watches we offer a comprehensive service of revision, calibration and commissioning of collection watches, providing our customers, replacement of original parts and gears if necessary.

2. Restoration, polishing and aesthetic repairs of the watch
The restoration of a watch, allows to eliminate bumps, scratches, scratches and marks that have arisen due to use and the passage of time. In COMERZIA Watches, we offer polishing service of cases and bracelets, disassembly of the machinery completely. Repair or replacement of damaged or worn parts.

3. Straps and frills
The change of straps and adjustment of bracelets, engravings and the personalization of watches with precious stones, are part of the services we offer to our customers.

4. Watches appraisal
Do you want to know the current market value of your watch, with respect to the state in which it is? We appraise your watch, whether vintage, modern or current, count on our team of specialists COMERZIA Watches, who will inform you about the price of your watch.

If you need any of these additional services, you can contact us through our website, social networks or call us directly, we will be happy to help and advise you in everything you need.