We buy your watch

Maybe it’s because you don’t wear it. Maybe it’s because you no longer like it, or you want to invest in other things… whatever the reason, in COMERZIA Watches we are always happy to value watches that fit in our stock.

We specialize in wristwatches, always top brands, and whose value is at least 500€ approximately, and these are precisely the watches that we like to buy.

We are committed to carefully evaluate each piece to identify, in the most accurate way, what is its market value and its degree of attractiveness (which results in the time needed to sell a piece).

Send us the information about your watch using the form below, or contact us via email WhatsApp. We will offer you our best purchase price* from the beginning.

If our proposal fits you, we collect all the information and make a sales contract, which is signed by the parties. It is at that moment that the seller sends the watch and the rest of the set, to be valued by our experts; the following aspects are analyzed, among others:

• Visual inspection and by means of magnifying glasses of the aesthetic aspects.

• Checking by chronocomparator of the state of the caliber, and its power reserve.

• Checking of the set and documentation.

*Through this service we offer a purchase price, if the watch you offer fits our stcok. It is not an appraisal, but this service can also be hired expressly by contacting us through the usual channels (more information here).

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1. Send us your watch photos
Send us a few photos by email or Whatsapp of your watch, we will respond immediately within 24 hours.
Whatsapp: +34 619 77 14 46.
Mail: info@comerziawatches.com

ficha técnica reloj

2. Highest rating
We will immediately pay you the agreed money, concluding the operation in a maximum time of 48 hours.

3. Accept the deal
If you accept our valuation we will receive the watch and once received, supervised and confirmed that it complies with the initial characteristics and descriptions.

4. Collection and payment
We will immediately pay you the agreed money, concluding the operation in a maximum time of 48 hours.