We all know very well the history of the Speedmaster Professional. And at first glance, this one may seem like a Speedmaster Professional, but it isn’t…this is the beefed up brother. It maintains much of its aesthetics with the Professional: the hands, bezel, asymmetrical case, or the dial are all very familiar, and even on the wrist, at first glance you will think it is the Speedmaster Professional. But on top of this, the current model adds some very interesting aspects:
-its case measures 44 millimeters instead of 42, giving it more presence on the wrist
-its movement is automatic and coaxial: welcome precision and comfort, it is no longer necessary to wind it
-sapphire crystal offers better visibility and scratch resistance, and another at the back
-it includes the date, in a very discreet way at 6
In conclusion: the best Speedmaster for those for whom the Professional version is not enough. The watch is offered in exceptional condition, with all its equipment. In addition, it is number 2 of the rare “Enamel” version, which comes with an enameled dial. Without a doubt a very special watch…although it may seem “just” a Speedmaster on the wrist.