We love Day Date! It is one of the most iconic watches from ROLEX, and truly the most luxurious. Also known as President, this watch was created in 1956 being the first to offer the day of the week in addition to the date. It is only manufactured in precious metals: gold in its three versions and platinum. An extremely elegant and distinctive watch, which should not be missing from any collection, as the timepiece for those special times and celebrations.

The Tridor stands out among all the Day Dates, a rare version that is built on the basis of a white gold, but includes the three types of gold and it becomes more evident on the bracelet. This one is the reference 18239 from the early 90s, it includes the “double quickset” functionality, changing both the date and the day of the week using the crown. With its spectacular blue dial and white gold arabic numerals, it does not go unnoticed on the wrist. The watch is in spectacular condition.